WaterFillz® is the brand name of the growing family of intelligent water filtration solutions. The product was originally designed specifically for use in universities, colleges, and schools with our children’s good health in mind. Today it's the quality water solution for all areas where people gather.


The WaterFillz® solution provides water that is filtered by both carbon and sediment filters. This technique does not remove the nutrients and minerals in natural water, only the chlorine and undesirables. An ultra violet disinfection system is also employed within the water station to maintain the highest levels of water quality. WaterFillz holds several patents for North America and Europe for our comprehensive filtration solution.


Adopt the WaterFillz® solution. We provide quality filtered water, whilst maintaining an extremely low carbon footprint and minimal power usage.

Waste Less

Love Water

 Go Green(er)

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Production of plastic bottles requires significant amounts of fossil fuels and releases one billion pounds of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere annually, significantly contributing to global warming.  None of this is present in a WaterFillz® Water Station  solution.

1st Class Drinking Water

WaterFillz® filters to the 5 micron level, removing sediment, chlorine and other contaminants whilst retaining the minerals that are so important to our bodies.  In addition, the water is passed through an Ultraviolet system that neutralizes any bacteria and viruses present.  At UBC Okanagan, the WaterFillz® Water Stations are certified to be used during a “boiled water” advisory. All WaterFillz® Water Stations are Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certified.


Energy Efficient Products

The WaterFillz® Water Station can run on as little as 20W of electricity to power the ultraviolet purification stage. When the custom designed refrigeration unit is running to cool the water to 38F, it only requires 34W of power versus vending machines that may consume over 1500W of power! This low power usage is a direct saving to our customer.



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